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About Us

The SPEAK! Brand is for you! Because you love God like we do! You have been blessed like we have! You want to declare HIS promises as TRUE and help others get blessed too!  See?! That is what inspiration is all about and The SPEAK! Brand brings all of those things together perfectly and helps you express it! This brand is for all of us-BELIEVERS! We LOVE, BELIEVE and TRUST our God and we are not ashamed or afraid to SPEAK! 




 SPEAK! was founded with one goal in mind: creating more ways to help US (BELIEVERS/GOD'S HOUSEHOLD) put God and His Covenants "front and center" whenever and wherever possible. Our bodies are like moving billboards/advertisement! We can promote GOD's WORD, HIS FAITHFULNESS, and HIS GOODNESS. We can bring HIS LIGHT and save lives. The SPEAK! Brand is simply another tool to help you SPEAK!  It is a tool which opens doors to more opportunities to SPEAK!  Someone is waiting on you to SPEAK! and GOD knows it will be you who will SPEAK! for HIM and bring him or her into HIS household.

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